Stable Bedding Wood Shavings

Stable Bedding Wood Shavings

Coarse horse stall bedding was originally used in Sweden, the coarsest and best wood shavings for horses have always been used as bedding for horse stalls. Manufactured from the a superior quality softwood which has been been heat-treated. The coarse structure makes the shavings particularly well-suited for horses, as the shavings are free from sharp flakes.

Coarse shavings offer a great alternative to the wood pellet bedding and work just as efficiently. Our shavings are widely used, this also includes deep bedding for cattle. They shavings are however well-suited for horses and poultry. Using coarse wood chip shavings gives a bouncier base for your horses, contrary to more fine sawdust horse bedding. When applying  the shavings, you create and discover a brighter and more welcoming stable bed environment.

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Product benefits

Clean the stall and, on first use in a standard, approximately 12m2 stall, distribute three to six bales evenly in each stall. Remove horse droppings on a daily basis and wet stains as required and, in the case of horse stalls, supplement the bedding with approximately one bale per stall per week.

  • High absorbency
  • Dust-free
  • Less dung heap
  • Bright and soft surface layer
  • Cost-effective

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