Stable Bedding
Wood Pallet Stable Bedding
Stable Bedding

Wood Pallet Stable Bedding

Our stable bedding is high quality, highly absorbent, crushed pellet-based horse bedding that is quick and easy to use. Our customers have found swapping to our bedding has been more efficient, which required removing very little bedding each day and found that waste product rots down quicker than any type of bedding. This results in a byproduct of slow release, nitrogen-rich, compost.

More about Wood Pallet Stable Bedding

Product benefits

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Made from a virgin wood fibres, which eliminates odour

  • Very little product waste, as only small amounts of the product required to be changed daily

  • Our pellets make it easy to bank the sides in the stables

  • Suitable for all bedding systems, including rubber matting

  • Waste bedding rots down and creates nitrogen-rich compost

  • Delivered in pallet form, straight to your door

How to use

Please read the following steps carefully for recommended use of our product.

  • In order to prepare a 12ft x 12ft stable you will require 8 15kg bags of bedding. If you use rubber matting as a base, you may require less bedding. However, our bedding works best without matting. Please note: if you already have existing bedding in the area, this must be moved prior to use of our product.

  • Spread the bedding evenly using a pellet fork or rake, to produce an even 2″ layer. The bedding will expand over time. If you had any existing bedding, you may mix it in with our product at this stage.

  • Horse droppings and damp areas of bedding must be removed daily.
    Rake the top 2″ of bedding to maintain an even layer and add more bedding as required – 1 bag per week is recommended.

  • Any waste bedding can be used as an excellent, high quality fertiliser, allowing the bedding to have a second use.

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